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Chapter 6-Mysterious New Guy

Mysterious New Guy

"Okay, so you've covered everything up until you were twenty one. Isn't that when you met Jacob?" Alice asked.

I began to answer but was interrupted by a knock on the door. All three of our heads turned to the door in a flash.

"Oh shit! Who do you think that is? How long have we been talking?" I blurted out.

Alice looked at the clock on the wall. "It hasn't been that long, but I guess everyone is getting antsy." She rose from her chair and walked over to the door. She turned to me before opening the door. "Let me handle this. Don't worry." She opened the door, and I saw it was my father. I was relieved that it was just him.

He attempted to walk in the door, but Alice stopped him. "Excuse me Mr. Swan, where do you think you are going?" She questioned him.

He looked her up and down before answering. "Alice, my daughter has kept and entire church of guests waiting for her, and I want to know what is going on."

"Alice, you can let him in." I interjected.

She turned back to my dad and let her hand drop. "Fine."

As he walked toward me, I could feel him taking in my appearance. I knew the question that would follow.

"Bells, why aren't you dressed?"

"Um... because I....umm...I don't have time or energy right now to update you on all this dad. Will you just please tell everyone to sit tight, and I promise I will be ready to face them in a few minutes?" I asked in the little girl voice that always gets him to buckle.

He pursed his lips and thought for a second. "Sure thing, Bells. Just don't be too long. I don't want a riot out there." He then kissed my forehead and gave me a quick hug before heading back out of the room.

I let out a deep breath, and tried to relax back into the chair.

"I guess we gotta hurry up before my dad has to use police tactics out there. Where were we?"

"We were up until the point you met Jacob, weren't we?" Alice asked.

I nodded my head. They knew where, when and how I had met Jacob; they were with me that night.

~ ~
Spring Break - 21 years old

Alice, Rosalie and I had all decided that a trip to the beach was exactly what we needed for spring break. We needed to get away from school, soak up some sun, and look at some hot men. We headed down to Miami for a week of partying and relaxing. None of us were dating anyone at the time. I was finally over my ex, and had somehow repressed my feelings for Edward so much that I almost fooled myself into believing they didn't exist at all.

It was our last night in Miami and we had decided to go to a club that everyone had been raving about all week. We were dressed in our hottest outfits and ready to dance. There were lots of guys ready to buy us drinks and even more that were ready to dance with us. It seemed that we were the life of the club that night. The DJ was calling attention to us, we were dancing on the bar, and taking shots off of each others bodies.

I was on my way to the restroom for what seemed to be the twentieth time that night, when I bumped into the most beautiful man. He was tall, dark skinned, dark hair, well built, well dressed, and had the most amazingly white smile I had ever seen. I pressed my hand against his chest in an attempt to steady myself and I could feel his hands against my back.

"I'm so sorry! I'm such an idiot!" I shouted over the music.

He smiled and I felt like I was going to faint. This man was too beautiful. "Don't worry about it."

I knew I should've kept walking but I was so mesmerized by him that I couldn't make my body actually move. I finally shook my head, trying to regain my thoughts. "And now I'm a staring idiot. This just keeps getting better."

He laughed. "I kinda like that you're staring. If you haven't noticed, I'm staring at you too." He was right, I hadn't noticed at all. I assumed he was looking at me like he would look at a lost puppy. "What's your name?"


"Hi Bella, I'm Jacob." He released me from his hands, and held out his right hand. I put my hand in his, and he began to shake it. "Nice to meet you, Bella." The way he said my name was almost orgasmic. It was so sensual, or maybe it was all the alcohol I had consumed.

"You too."

We held hands for a little too long, but I didn't feel him pull away. He seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. A simple handshake, who woulda thought it could be so intense? Certainly, not me.

I had been so wrapped up in him that I had completely forgotten I had to pee. "Oh my God. I really have to get to the bathroom. It was nice meeting you Jacob. Maybe I'll see you out there." I began to walk around him, when I noticed he had turned with me.

"Well, let's not leave that to chance. How about I wait here for you?"

"That sounds great! I'll be right back!" I ran to the bathroom and checked my appearance in the mirror. It was hot as hell in the club and we had been dancing our asses off, but I didn't look as bad as I had I thought. I smoothed out my hair a little and reapplied my lipstick before walking out.

I half expected him to be gone. Like he was too good to be true, but sure enough he was right in the same spot I had left him.

"You ready to face the masses again?" He asked.

"I sure am!" We walked back out to the bar, and ordered a couple drinks. I went to pay for mine, and he paid the bartender before I could even get my money out. "You didn't have to pay for that, ya know?"

"I know, but honestly, who lets a beautiful woman like yourself pay for her own drinks?" He was so sweet, and I could feel myself blushing at his compliment. "You wanna go out on the deck so we can talk?"

I nodded my head, and followed behind him. There were a lot of people on the deck, but it was much more quiet and easier for us to talk. We talked about everything. The conversation flowed easily. I learned that he was graduating from law school that semester, and that he planned to go into corporate law afterwards. He was an only child, he was raised on an Indian reservation, and much to my surprise he had a job waiting for him in Atlanta after graduation.

He asked questions about my family, childhood, friends, school; just about everything. It seemed that we wanted to know everything about each other.

The club closed and I didn't want to separate from him. It was my last night in the city, and I didn't know if we would ever see each other again. Rose and Alice tried to convince me to go back to the hotel with them, but I wanted to spend as much time with Jacob as I possible. I convinced them that I would be fine, and Jacob and I headed out for a walk on the beach.

We held hands and talked. We sat in the sand and looked up at the moon and stars. The time passed entirely too quickly, and before I knew it, we could see the sun begin to rise.

He walked me to the hotel, saying it was too dangerous for me to walk alone and that he wanted to spend every last moment with me that was possible. We reached my room and I turned to him and handed him my cell phone. "Here, put your number in here. This way I won't lose it."

He took the phone and began to enter in his number. As he returned my phone he handed me his. "You too." I entered my information and pressed save.

"So, I guess this is it." I stated.

He reached for my hand. "I'll be in Atlanta in a few short months. We can talk on the phone until then." I nodded. I felt myself starting to tear up. "You know, I've never felt so much so quick."

"Me either. It's surprised the hell out of me." I confessed.

"Me too." I looked into his eyes and he began to lean towards me. It hit at that moment that we hadn't even kissed the whole night. All we had done was hold hands. It was different-it was nice. I leaned into him and closed the distance between us. I felt his lips against mine and it felt like fire had been shot through my veins.

~ ~

"Wow, Bella. I thought you two had totally gotten it on at the beach that night. I didn't know you only kissed once." Rose interrupted.

I laughed lightly. "No, he was such a gentleman. I figured once we got back home he would forget all about me, but he didn't."

"And thank God he didn't. You were so depressed for those few months. It was like you sat around all day waiting to talk to him." Alice said.

"Yeah, I was a lovesick puppy, but when you meet someone like that you can't help it."

"Where was Edward during that whole time?" Rose asked.

"Well, after finding out about Jacob he started dating a new girl and they got pretty serious pretty quickly. They moved in together after a while, and in typical Bella-Edward fashion we kind of lost touch."

"Maybe, but I doubt the feelings he had for you went away." Alice said.

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